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A bit about Michelle:

She believes in Karma. She plays by the rules, but thinks outside the box. She is fascinated by the inner workings of the mind and loves finding out what makes people tick. Michelle tries to make people around her feel comfortable and welcome. She believes in honesty and integrity. Her greatest joy is the appreciation from her friends, family and clients.


Originally from Montreal, she now lives with her husband and 2 children in Ocean Park. She spends her free time paddle boarding at Crescent Beach and volunteering at he children's school.


Michelle started her Real Estate career in Vancouver, then moved her business to the Peninsula in 2007 with her husband who grew up in South Surrey/White Rock.

Prior to becoming a Realtor, Michelle worked in the travel industry. She has visited over 30 cities around the world, and will forevermore have the "travel bug", gaining perspective each time she sets foot on foreign soil. This outlook translates to getting a better understanding of what her clients expect from the services she offers. Michelle can sincerely say that she offers superior customer service because she simply put herself in her client's shoes; and if she expects the best, then so should you!


Michelle has her BA from Bishop's University. Having studied Marketing and H.R. gives her an advantage in the business and an edge on her competition. As part of her service, she continues to educate herself through various industry-related courses and seminars.


Like most Vancouverites, she thoroughly enjoys the wondrous outdoors. She likes being challenged by individual sports such as skiing, paddle boarding and rock climbing. Michelle also enjoys the serenity of a quiet hike with friends. She is a strong believer that mental health and physical health are in a continuous loop with one another. Being fit is a vital component of what keeps her going in all aspects of life.